Analysis of Post Seismic – Permanent Residual Displacements of dynamic elastoplastic SDOF Systems subjected to a set of natural spectrum-compatible accelerograms

ANALISI_111_000535YA_TH_2 The definition of the seismic action is usually realized ​​in spectral terms by combining the response of elastic oscillators, Single Degree of Freedom (SDOF), to a significant set of natural accelerograms, selected and scaled so as to reproduce the characteristics of the basic hazard and the conditions of local amplification due to the geomorphology and stratigraphy of the site under investigation.

In this context, the development of a methodology for the analysis of Post Seismic and Permanent Residual Displacements (PS-PRD) has been implemented through numerical testing conducted by dynamic elastoplastic multiparameter SDOF, subjected to seismic actions defined by a set of natural spectrum-compatible accelerograms proper to the various seismic zones of the territory and to the categories of the foundation soil.


On the margin of the numerical testing program, conducted on the typical domain of the used elastic-plastic oscillator SDOF parameters, a parametric analysis on PS-PRD and on maximum displacements Time History and Maximum Observed Displacements (TH-MOD) has been carried out as well as a multivariate regression through which a forecasting spectrum-compatible model for both the variables PS and TH-PRD-MOD has been defined.