The Scientific Technical Committee (STC) is composed by national and international experts dealing with the areas of expertise of CGIAM.

The President of the STC is Prof. Eng. Michele Greco (University of Basilicata – Potenza)

Members of STC

  • Dr. Rodolfo Console (INGV – Rome)
  • Prof. Luciano Guerriero (Polytechnic Institute of Bari)
  • Prof. Katia Di Maio (University of Basilicata – Potenza)
  • Dr. Eng. Cosimo Marzo (Italian Space Agency – Matera)
  • Dr. Massimo Chiappini (INGV – Rome)
  • Prof. Eng. Felice Carlo Ponzo (University of Basilicata – Potenza)
  • Prof. Eng. Lucio Della Sala (University of Basilicata – Potenza)
  • Dott. Chiriaco Rocco (Commanding Station of the Foresters – Mipaaf)
  • Dr. Thomas E Parsons (U.S. Geological Survey – U.S.A.)
  • Dr. David Rhoades (G.N.S. – New Zealand)
  • Prof. Koshun Yamaoka (University Nagoya – Japan)
  • Prof. Eleftheria Papadimitriou (University of Thessaloniki – Greece)
  • Prof. Ralph Von Frese (Ohio State University – U.S.A.)