The Centre of Integrated Geomorphology for the Mediterranean Area is a scientific body of public law engaged in the definition of scientific methodologies, technological development and implementation of tools and services for the Observation, Analysis, Monitoring of territory and environment in order to mitigate the damages to people and things from natural risks, first of all seismic and hydrogeological-environmental risks.

CGIAM inspires its action to the basics of the Integrated Geomorphologic Study, implementing programmes and projects aimed at reducing the loss of human life and protecting the natural, environmental, landscape, historical, archaeological, monumental, anthropic heritage from any risk situations, both of natural and man-made origin.

CGIAM has been identified by the Italian Government as subject appointed to draw up innovative scientific methodologies for the analysis and mitigation of environmental risk factors for several areas of the national territory. In particular, to:
• strengthen the monitoring of the seismic risk through the use of new technologies;
• strengthen, in cooperation with INGV, the characterisation of the territory with the aim to reduce the damage to people and things from seismic, hydrogeological-environmental and volcanic risks by identifying new technologies and advanced methodologies.

In order to achieve its own institutional aims, CGIAM:

  • Actively works for strengthening the cooperation and integration of politics at national and international level participating in research and cooperation programmes of European Commission and other international donors as well as programmes and projects supporting developing countries.
  • Promotes the synergic development of research cooperation with Universities, other public and private Research Organizations at national and international level, as well as Companies.

These features make the Centre of Integrated Geomorphology for the Mediterranean Area one of the reference Research Organization, promoting the socio-economic developing processes of many Mediterranean and not- Mediterranean Countries and supporting Entities, Administrations and International, National and Local Bodies in the adoption of Natural Disaster Mitigation Strategies and emergency plans.