The Library Maurizio Leggeri ” is open to all who have turned 18 and are in possession of a valid identity card.
You can can access at the library with laptop computers. It is not allowed to enter with photographic equipment, video cameras and portable scanners.



The opening hours of the library are from 10:00 to 13:00 in the morning and from 16:00 to 18:00 in the afternoon, every day from Monday to Friday. After 17:00 it is not possible to forward requests for consultation.
Users can obtain photocopies, information or help in the search for material stored in the bookstore by referring directly to the staff of the Library, or making a written request to the following email address:



You can request copies directly to library staff, who will provide for photocopying of the material in accordance with current copyright law.
They are excluded from photocopying volumes and periodicals prior to 1830, large-format volumes, documents in poor condition, as well as geographical and topographical maps, drawings and tables.
The costs of reproduction are:

A4 Format  € 0.20
A3 Format  € 0.40


Loan Service

The loan service is granted filling out the form, only if you present a valid identity card and. The loan has a maximum term of fifteen days and is not immediately renewable. It will not require more than one volume at a time.
Are excluded from the loan volumes held by the Library in a single copy, the volumes of usual consultation, periodicals, dictionaries, encyclopaedias, bibliographies, yearbooks and similar, rare or valuable volumes , volumes not yet cataloged, and – save special authorization from the President of the Center – any earlier publication in 1900.