Working Group Basilicata-Gorj Province: operational launch of the Cooperation Protocol

The meeting of the Working Group Basilicata, aimed to the launch of operational table for the development of the actions foreseen by the Protocol for Cooperation between the Basilicata Region and the Gorj Province, was held at the Verrastro Room of the Regional Committee in Potenza.

The will of the two institutions to cooperate for the development and growth of the respective territories has been officially sanctioned, after the signature of the Protocol in Targu Ju (Romania) on 6th December 2012, during the meeting of the last 25th November held in Basilicata in presence of the Great Officers of the two Governments.

The meeting was attended, as representatives of the Working Group Basilicata, by the President of the Technological District of Basilicata TeRN, Antonio Colangelo, the Rector of the University of Basilicata, Mauro Fiorentino, the General Director of the San Carlo Hospital, Giampiero Maruggi, the Director of CNR IMAA, Vincenzo Lapenna, the Responsible of Utagri-Enea, Massimo Iannetta, the Responsible of the Development Area of the Territory of Sviluppo Basilicata, Vittorio Simoncelli and the Director of the Centre of Integrated Geomorphology for the Mediterranean Area, Maria Lucia Trivigno as well as the President Marcello Pittella and the Assessor to Agriculture, Michele Ottati.

In particular, it has been faced the issue related the definition of tasks and any project proposals to be submitted to the Romanian Province of Gorj, in range of the skills transfer and cooperation aimed at the projects implementation under the EU programs.

Among the other issues, full availability has been expressed in terms of research and expertise related to environmental issues and topics of common interest, including air pollution, groundwater contamination and hydrogeological risk, and in terms of consulting in the field of agriculture, with specific proposals aimed to the projects implementation under the Common Agricultural Policy and, more generally, under EU programs. The improvement of the competitiveness of local enterprises through the assistance on the projects development under EU funds is emerged as one of the priority objectives of the cooperation.

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