Strengthening the EU disaster management capacity – Good Practices on Disaster Prevention


Duration: January 2011 – December 2012

Country: EU-27

Budget Project: € 359.900,00


The project, funded by the European Commission – DG ENV/DG ECHO, was coordinated by ECORYS Nederland BV. CGIAM, CIMA Foundation – International Centre on Environmental Monitoring (Italy) and UEA – University of East Anglia’s International Development Department (UK) participated as project partners.

The project aimed to analyze and evaluate good practices in the prevention of natural and industrial disasters (except nuclear ones) implemented by the 27 Member States of the European Community plus the other Member States of the Community Civil Protection System, namely Croatia, Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway.

The main themes were:

• Horizontal Measures concerning several risks,
• Earthquakes and Tsunami Risk,
• Flood and Storms risks,
• Droughts and Heat Waves, including Forest Fires Risks,
• Other relevant risks (e.g. transport of dangerous goods, industrial risk).

The actions implemented for reaching the project objectives were:

• Recognition and cataloguing of documentation available on the web;
• Interview of experts by telephone, by net and though the dissemination of questionnaires;
• Seminaries with the participation of experts;
• Evaluation of social, economic, environmental impact of identified practices through the recognition phases;
• Cost-benefit analysis;
• Development of evaluation methodologies;
• Development of a scenario on the costs linked to the lack of prevention.

CGIAM was in charge of the theme 2. Earthquakes and Tsunami Risk and, moreover, it cooperated with the other partners in the actions relative to horizontal measures concerning other risks.