Qualitative elements of Viaduct Seismic Improvement Measures

p9_1 The project objective was to analyze the qualitative elements of the Viaducts Seismic Improvement Measures according to the Technical Rules for Construction 2008 (NTC 2008), through the use of High Damping Rubber Bearings (HDRB) isolation devices with high damping, in order to develop Systems for Monitoring the Operational and Post- Seismic Displacements.

The technical rules, entered into force by MD 14 January 2008 (NTC 2008), deal with the structural safety issues by providing the general safety criteria, specifying the actions to be used in the project, defining the material and product features by specifying the project principles, constructions execution and testing relative to mechanical resistance, stability, even in the event of fire, and durability.


The document describes the qualitative elements of Seismic Improvement Measures of an existing viaduct by seismic isolation devices, with the energy dissipation capabilities related to seismic events.