Analysis of Post Seismic – Permanent Residual Displacements of dynamic elastoplastic SDOF Systems

p6_2 The project objective was the development of a methodology for the analysis of Post Seismic – Permanent Residual Displacements (PS -PRD), through numerical testing conducted by dynamic elastoplastic multiparameter System to a Single degree of freedom (SDOF) subjected to seismic actions defined by natural accelerograms.

The structural modeling through dynamic systems to a single degree of freedom is a very quick and efficient way for analyzing the dynamic post- elastic behaviour of the structures whose description can be very accurate in case you have adequate basic data as well as numerical models of proven reliability.


On the margin of the numerical testing program, conducted on the typical domain of the used elastic-plastic oscillator SDOF parameters, a parametric analysis on PS-PRD and on maximum displacements Time History and Maximum Observed Displacements (TH-MOD) has been carried out, also used as adimensionalisation elements of Post Seismic and Permanent Residual Displacements Ratio (PS-PRDR) as well as a multivariate regression in the same variables.